In my work as a sound artist I focus on the acoustical exploration and perception of space.

This is done either through raw field recordings or recordings that get looped and transformed in my DAW so that I can express how the space felt like and how it filters through my memory in retrospect.

The soundscapes range from dynamic urban landscapes, capturing the constant buzz of bustling streets, the muffled voices of crowds, and the mechanical sounds of modern infrastructures to natural spaces, recording the melodies of the biosphere, natural life, the various sounds of water, the whisper of the wind.

By exploring these diverse environments, I seek to understand how the acoustics of each place can influence our emotions, thoughts, and even our memories. I want to point out how fascinating the pure act of listening can be and how it can create a deep connection with the spaces we inhabit.

Field recordings/Soundscapes

Instrumental improvisations:

Digital Ambient Music: